Finding the “WILL OF THE FATHER.”

While He was in one of the towns, there came a man full of (covered with) leprosy; and when he saw Jesus, he fell on his face and implored Him, saying, Lord, if You are willing, You are able to cure me and make me clean. And [Jesus] reached out His hand and touched him, saying, I am willing; be cleansed! And immediately the leprosy left him. (Luke 5:12, 13 AMP)


Good morning all!

It’s amazing that something so simple has become so difficult for the Body to discover. Yes, I am referring to the WILL OF OUR FATHER.

You may have heard, or even said, this often quoted tag line to countless prayers addressed to our Father – “if it be thy will.” I have heard, and said, this faithless (void of faith) wrap up to my prayers early on in my walk with “Daddy.”

In and of itself, it seems like a humble and respectful way of addressing our Father. After all, isn’t He a sovereign God who moves as He pleases? Remember this phrase, “God only knows?” Moreover, what about the whole, “your ways & thoughts are not My ways & thoughts”, thing? After all, He is GOD & you are you.

At times, it appears that our REVERANCE for our Father has taken on the appearance of the lion, tin man, & scarecrow having an audience with the “WIZZARD OF OZ”. We bring our bothersome & selfish requests before Him while, all the time, quaking in our shoes as we nervously squeak out about our needs. When we’re finished, He booms out at us, reminding us about “His greatness & power” in sharp contrast to our lowliness & weakness. Then, to cap it off, we are given some ‘WORK’ to perform as a condition of granting the requests.

It is exactly this kind of thinking, in our approach to our Father, that has crippled our prayers. Reference the following: Mark 7:8, Matt 15:3 & 6, Mark 7:9 & 13 & Col 2:8. Wherever these traditions (our ways) came from is immaterial. What matters is that we realign our understanding (thoughts & ways) with “THE WORD”.

It is also vital for us to realize the our Father’s ways are not “separate” from our ways, rather they are “different”; entirely different. Throughout the scriptures it is evident that He is continually showing us His ways. Furthermore, He is ALWAYS directing us back to His Word (Himself). Read: Pr 9:6, Ps 25:9 & Ps 119:5.

Enough about that for now. Let’s get back to our topic. Can we truly know the will of our Father? What’s more, how would that affect your life if you could know His will (ways). Well?

F. F. Bosworth in his book, “Christ the Healer”, reminds us that the WORD of God reveals the WILL of God. The issue is not the “knowing of His will”, rather it’s the “knowing of His Word”.

In the opening verse we see that a leperous man, who knows Jesus can heal him, is in the dark about whether or not Jesus will heal him. So, what does Jesus do? He sheds light on the subject (Ps 119:130) He makes it clear. “I AM willing”.

The leperous man now knows that not only can Jesus heal him, He is willing to. What’s left? The man is told to “be healed”. That is Jesus’ Word on the issue, and that is all it takes. The scripture goes on to show that, “immediately” the leprosy left the man and he was completely healed.

What does this man’s story have to do with us (you)? Well, our Father is no respecter of people Acts 10:34 & He NEVER changes Mal 3:6. So, if He healed this man, then He’ll heal anyone. Furthermore, if He was willing to heal then, He is willing to heal now (today).

It’s just that simple. Let’s stop complicating it. The Word shows what our Father CAN DO and what He’s WILLING TO DO, if you’ll only come to, & spend time with, Him (The Word).


About Identity Coaching

I started this blog after being diagnosed with a rare type of blood cancer. This blog is dedicated to the revelation and celebration of the COMPLETE redemption Jesus wrought for you and me in the FINISHED WORK of the cross. FYI; I'm completely healed! If your IDENTITY is broken your life is broken. Let's discover the TrueYou together.
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